Photo by AD Vaughan.


Portrait Photographer / Documentary Photographer / London, UK / Aarhus, Denmark /


I want to capture and tell stories as a way of understanding the people around me, the world we live in, and most definitely, as a way of understanding myself. I’m heavily influenced by the experiences I have and the connections I make with people and so I accept that that understanding of myself, is a fluid process. It’s an acknowledgement of life as an ever constant educator. And so I fully expect my photography, the stories I tell and how, to continually evolve as well. What I do expect to remain a constant however, is my fascination with relatability. 

We all make and have our own individual stories but in them, there’s relatability. I’m fascinated by photography’s potential, through a moment, experience or emotion captured or perceived, to enable the viewer to draw from that something-relatable, mirror their own experience and connect. When that connection is made with a person or subject matter from the marginalised, underrepresented or misrepresented, I find that to be particularly enthralling.

As a photographer and more so as a person wanting to be an active participant in society, there’s power in that. This is how I participate.


Trinidad & Tobago (1979 - '93) - birthplace; family; love; carnival; colour.

Jamaica (1993 - 2001) - family; friends; beach; cricket.

U.S.A (1999 - 2003) - B.A.; study; explore; experience; discover.

U.K. & Denmark (2003 - present) - M.A.; work; commit; live; discover; love.