Donald Michael Chambers Photography

the cape

The Cape is the beginning of a long term exploration into the many faces, cultures and stories of the colourful city of Cape Town. 

At the time of the first trip that started off this project, South Africa was in the midst of regime change - a new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, coming into power and the reign of the embattled Jacob Zuma, coming to an end; and Cape Town was experiencing a major water crisis with the impending Day Zero, the day the city would run out of water in the taps.


The public pool at Sea Point has managed to stay up and running in spite of the water crisis. Sea Point, Cape Town.


Kevin, 67, driver for 15 years. The new president, Ramaphosa gave a good swearing in speech. Let's see. A lot has happened over the years but South Africans always have hope.