Remember the curls??

Self portrait of photographer Donald Michael Chambers

1,720. That, give or take a few, is the approximate amount of times I have shaved my head since I was 29 years old. 3 times a week, times 52 weeks, times 11 years.

I’d like to remember what my curls look like, even if they are now a horseshoe to a shiny crown. So I’m going to let my hair grow (where it’s able of course ). Going to do this for three months and in that time I’ll take a self portrait every 2 weeks as a record. Here is the first one.

In my ongoing personal projects, I am exploring the notion of self worth, self value. These works are conversations about the relationship between self determinations and societal expectations. I am drawn to subjects who are happy to be themselves, whether or not that harmless expression of self coincides with or challenges societal norms, expectations and determinations. Seems fitting that I’d set that challenge/examination for myself as well during this exploration.

I don’t know if I actually ever liked or disliked how a few strands at the top of my head looked but I’d like to give myself the choice and make my own determination. Right now I know what I think my answer will be but let’s see. :)

Not sure I would have had the courage to do this were I still Tindering! Love you Ambs!!