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Photo by AD VAughan

Photo by AD VAughan


Lifestyle Photographer / Advertising Photographer / Fashion Photographer / London


My relationship with photography was probably born out of less romantic circumstances than most. As a kid I didn't quite understand how my memory worked. 'Write it down or you'll forget,' my mother used to say. Rather than the written word though, it was the visual image that worked for me. If I could picture it, I'd remember it. Once I grasped that, I was fine.

My life's story was a record of mental images. While at Uni in the States, that record changed from mental to print. Through disposable film cameras that captured cherished (and probably otherwise lost) memories, and my first Nikon camera, given to me by my eldest brother, I fell in love with the power of photography and its beautiful story telling ability. I was hooked.

Now, ever grateful that after many years I continue to be able to do what I love, my aim and life's passion is to tell the stories for my clients.



Trinidad & Tobago (1979 - '93) - birthplace; family; love; carnival; colour.

Jamaica (1993 - 2001) - family; friends; beach; cricket.

U.S.A (1999 - 2003) - B.A.; study; explore; experience; discover.

U.K. (2003 - present) - M.A.; work; commit; live; love.


Clients include